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Dutch guy, married, children, MD. I love RPG's!

Tyncale on the forums, long time poster on the PFO Paizo forums, backer of both Kickstarters, 3x EE accounts. I intend to do a lot of trading/crafting.

I made this: (Nihimon created the initial doc so he is the owner, I made the layout and filled in some resources already(so did some others, I suspect Nihimon himelf). I did not publicize this openly yet because we do not really know wether GW will keep changing resources around post OE, as a feature. In that case, this doc would be useless. In any case, it is meant to be a community project, where people can fill in the resources they find in a Hex. I realize that some people will want this information to be proprietary, I think this data will hit the internet within months anyway. True, "live" data will still be proprietary since hexes can become exhausted, different tier nodes can spawn etcetera.

Data in this doc hopefully will find its way into more slick "tools" some day or maybe even in this wiki, if it proves usefull.