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The world of Golarion is a dangerous, exciting, and magical place. Pathfinder Online takes place in the River Kingdoms, just a small piece of a massive puzzle. Explore the River Kingdoms and find player-run Settlements, resources to craft, or monsters to crush! Create a Chartered Company and seize your very own little piece of the world; build alliances with other Chartered Companies and build your own Settlement! Or lay siege to someone else's!


A hex is shaped like a hex, and blah blah falling asleep. ;Monster Hexes talk aboot escallations in monster hexes

Points of Interest

Hexes contain Points of Interest, and not the good kind taht you earn on your investments.

  • Resource Types
  • POI types
  • claiming pois, building on 'em

you get the point

Social Structures

From smallest:

  • party
  • Company
  • Settlements
  • Nations

Home sweet Home