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Template talk:TOC right

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If we use this template, can we please incorporate "text-align:justify" to the text of the page? When the TOC is right and the text is NOT justified, it looks crappy. Dazyk (talk) 21:52, 27 October 2014 (UTC)

That would be fine. I generally use this template for articles that lack an infobox or artwork on the right side of the page above the fold so that the article doesn't break in an ugly manner between the intro paragraph and the main body. If you'd rather not use this template at all, that's also an option, but I think articles benefit from having a TOC following a brief overview of the article's contents (for search engine previews, and ease of use once on the site) and that floating it right looks better than having it add an ugly gap to the top of the article.—Paizo Publishing, LLC.png Yoda8myhead (talk) 07:28, 29 October 2014 (UTC)
I definitely agree regarding the TOC being there, and also regarding the ugly gaps. If I knew how, I will try to create a Left Float toc, as well, so we have both options. Thanks! Dazyk (talk) 19:34, 30 October 2014 (UTC)