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Template:See also

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This template is used to link articles containing further information of the subject at hand. Up to 15 links are possible. Each link may have a label to change the displayed text, identified as l1 through l15.


Example with one parameter

{{See also|Absalom}}

See also: Absalom
Example with multiple parameters

{{See also|Aroden|Earthfall|Absalom|Iomedae}}

See also: Aroden, Earthfall, Absalom, and Iomedae
Example of linking a category

{{See also|Category:Authors}}

See also: Category:Authors
Example of using labels

{{See also|Aroden|l1=The Last Azlanti|Earthfall|Absalom|l3=City at the Center of the World|Iomedae}}

See also: The Last Azlanti, Earthfall, City at the Center of the World, and Iomedae

Note that while the labels can be specified anywhere and in any order, a certain clarity is achieved if they immediately follow the term they will be linking to.

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