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The page to see the goings-on of the Pathfinder Online Wiki, including a to-do list and featured article archive.

Help me!

You can get Pathfinder Online Wiki-specific help in the help section, although we recommend you read the Wikipedia help for general guidance on writing wikis. We have a friendly forum where you can ask questions or just chill out and chat.

Red Links

Red links are articles that do not exist yet. Use the wanted pages page to see which ones have the highest demand. If you can't create a full article, create as much as you can and mark it with the {{Stub}} template.

Expanding stubs

You can see which pages are stubs and which have stub sections. Expand on these articles where possible.

Policies & proposals

Have your say on proposals which will then potentially become Pathfinder Online Wiki policy.

Featured Article Archive

Each month one high-profile article is featured on each portal. Check back here for an archive of these articles.

You can also suggest an article to be featured during a subsequent month by using the discussion page.


It's important that people can rely on the information in this wiki, so it is important to provide references to official sources and canonical materials so that the information can be verified. You can view a list of articles lacking sources or articles in need of citations.

Templates exist to make the citation process easier. The most useful ones are {{Cite book}}, {{Cite article}} and {{Cite web}} and there is also a more complete list available. Templates can take some getting used to if you're new to wiki-editing, so be sure to read the instructions thoroughly, and ask for help if you need it.

Current projects

See the Projects page for information on ongoing projects to improve the wiki and more about how you can get involved.

Create your own page

Create your own user page and let everyone know what you're working on! This also encourages people to comment on your user talk page. Your user page is also a great place to play in the sand, so to speak, as you learn the ropes if wiki-editing is a new venture for you.