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The first thing any new player will need to know about Pathfinder Online is how to get around!

From movement in combat to travelling from town to town training skills, knowing what keys will make your character go is a crucial first step to learning the game. Finally, remember that any of these keys can be switched, or "re-bound," to suit your particular needs.

Most veteran gamers will feel right at home with the default movement keys for Pathfinder Online, as they are the classic "WASD" controls: Press W to move forward, A to turn left, S to move backward, and D to turn right. Also likely familiar will be pressing Q to strafe left, E to strafe right, Spacebar to jump, and R to auto-move (i.e. moving forward without having to hold down W). Finally, characters can be moved forward by holding the Left and Right mouse buttons, and turned by moving the mouse left and right while holding the Right mouse button.

Alternatively, the arrows located on the right side of the keyboard can also be used for movement, if, for example, you use your mouse with the left hand. In this case, press Up to move forward, Left to turn left, Down to move backward, and Right to turn right.

Movement Controls
Key(s) Action
W Up arrow Hold Left & Right Mouse Moves character forward
A Left arrow Hold Right Mouse Turns character left
D Right arrow Hold Right Mouse Turns character right
S Down arrow Moves character backward
Q Hold Right Mouse and A Strafe Left
E Hold Right Mouse and D Strafe Right
X Stealth mode
R Auto-move forward
Spacebar Jump


There are four (4) speeds at which your character can currently travel in Pathfinder Online, ordered below from slowest to fastest.

It is important, especially in combat, to be aware of your movement speed, as travelling at anything faster than a Walk will provoke Opportunity, giving your opponents a distinct advantage.

Next to each speed you will find the default keys to toggle (i.e. you are not required to hold the key) in order to switch speeds.

Movement Speeds: Slow to Fast
Speed Key Toggle Notes
Stealth1 X (when Stealth is broken, default speed is resumed)
Walk Left Shift (does NOT provoke opportunity in combat)
Hustle Default (provokes opportunity in combat)
Run Left Control (drains Stamina2 and provokes opportunity in combat)


Gear, resources, loot, and armor will also play an important role in character speed. Heavier Armor types will weigh more, thus raising Encumbrance2 and slowing your character down. Similarly, an inventory full of True Iron Ore (or anything else) will also slow your character down. See Gathering for more information on Resources and weight.

Movement Notes

  1. While not technically a speed, Stealth does have a direct and significant impact on character speed.
  2. Stamina drain while Running and Encumbrance effect on Speed were removed from the game during early Alpha testing; however, the developers have indicated that these will be re-imagined and implemented in the future.