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Keybinds specify which keys on the keyboard and mouse are 'bound' to which Controls in the game. Customizing these key and mouse buttons so that performing actions feels effortless, and the controls feel comfortable, is critical to being able to enjoy the game.

All of the Movement, Combat, and Interface keys can be altered to suit the particular player's needs. The game system is still being developed and there is no procedure 'in-game'--yet--to alter the keybinds. Therefore, what follows are step-by-step instructions on how to make the adjustments to key assignments from the program data itself.

Making Custom Keybinds

  1. Navigate to the Pathfinder Online folder in your Program Files folder on your hard-drive.
    Example E:\Program Files (x86)\Pathfinder Online\Pathfinder_Data
  2. Open the folder called Keybinds
  3. Inside Keybinds you should see two files, do not alter these default files
    1. default.player_settings.ini
    2. default-dvorak.player_settings.ini
  4. Create a new text file called: player_settings.ini (Note: Due to access restrictions on your hard-drive, you may need to create the file on the Desktop and then copy it to the Keybinds folder.)
  5. Log in to Pathfinder Online
  6. Select your Character and load the game
  7. Once in game, press Enter and type the following command in to the chat box: /exportkeybinds
  8. Open the player_settings.ini file, it should now list your current keybinds (which will be the defaults)
  9. Alter the player_settings.ini file to your heart's content, being sure to use the same format for key names as the system (see the Default Keybinds tables, below)
  10. Save the player_settings.ini file (you may again have to save it to the Desktop, then copy it back into the Keybinds folder
  11. Back in the game, type the following command in to the chat box: /importkeybinds
  12. Test and re-adjust as necessary

See some examples of Custom Keybinds here.

Default Keys

The following is a comprehensive list of Key names and their respective actions for Pathfinder Online, as defined by the game system itself. The system recognizes specific names for Keys and Commands (ex. Freelook, MouseTarget, Mouse0 Drag), therefore, it is important to use the appropriate name. For clarity sake, several names are defined, below.

All Keys and Mouse Buttons
U.S. Layout Dvorak Layout Game Action
W , Forward
A A TurnLeft
S O Back
D E TurnRight
E . StrafeRight
Q ' StrafeLeft
Left Arrow Left Arrow TurnLeft
Right Arrow Right Arrow TurnRight
Up Arrow Up Arrow Forward
Down Arrow Down Arrow Back
R P AutoRun
Left Shift Left Shift Walk
Left Control Left Control Run
Spacebar Spacebar Jump
Mouse0 Mouse0 MouseTarget
U.S. Layout Dvorak Layout Game Action
1 1 Attack1
2 2 Attack2
3 3 Attack3
4 4 Attack4
5 5 Attack5
6 6 Attack6
7 7 Utility1
8 8 Utility2
9 9 Refresh1
0 0 Refresh2
` ` WeaponSwap
C J Character
F Up Arrow Feats
X Q Stealth
Tab Tab TabTarget
U.S. Layout Dvorak Layout Game Action
F10 F10 Events
F11 F11 Achieve
I C Inventory
M M WorldMap
P L Paperdoll
Mouse1 drag Mouse1 drag Mouselook
Mouse1 Mouse1 InteractTarget
Mouse0 drag Mouse0 drag Freelook
Enter Enter Chat
F1 F1 SelectParty 0
F2 F2 SelectParty 1
F3 F3 SelectParty 2
F4 F4 SelectParty 3
F5 F5 SelectParty 4
F6 F6 SelectParty 5

Name Explanation
Mouse0 Left Mouse
Mouse1 Right Mouse
Mouse# Drag Hold the mouse button and move the mouse
Mouselook Turn character + camera
Freelook Camera pan