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Human Female

Currently the most dominant race on the face of Golarion, humanity spreads far and wide--from the Mwangi Expanse to Absalom and all the way to the World Wound. Covering a multitude of cultures and civilizations, humans are a short-lived, though ever-expanding, race who possess as varied traits as there are people. Several of the most prominent human cultures are Andorian, Chelish, Garundi, Kelesh, Kellid, Mwangi, Taldan, Tian, Ulfen, Varisian, and Vudrani.


Humanity began as a cave-dwelling, semi-nomadic race that eventually took the notice of some powerful Aboleths. These Aboleths helped humanity rise up from barbarism, changing them culturally as well as giving them greater intelligence and ability. These humans were called Azlanti and eventually overthrew their masters, resulting in a retaliation that shattered the entire Azlantian empire. Spreading from these roots across Avistian and Garund, humanity began to take shape into what it is today.


Humans run the gamut of every different appearance you can think of: from green eyes to purple, tall to short, fat or skinny, with black hair to red--humanity is ever varied. Humanity is also the race from which all other peoples seem to be compared, and as such, humans have even adopted the styles of other races when it suits them.


With their capacity to endure, expand, and thrive, humans tend to have great ambition. This ambition shows through a variety of sources such as knowledge, status, or wealth; however, most races see this ambition as the immature and reckless innate-nature of humans. Even through this prejudice, humans still tend to get along with most of the common people inhabiting Golarion.

Humans of the River Kingdoms

Human Racial Skill Modifiers:

Increase to:

Alchemist +5, Apothecary +5, Arcana +5, Architect +5, Armorsmith +5, Artificer +5, Athletics +5, Base Attack Bonus +5, Base Defense Bonus +5, Bowyer +5, Carpenter +5, DisableDevice +5, Dowser +5, Dungeoneering +5, Engineer +5, EscapeArtist +5, Fly +5, Forester +5, Gemcutter +5, Geography +5, HandleAnimal +5, History +5, Iconographer +5, Jeweler +5, Leatherworker +5, Local +5, Miner +5, Nature +5, Officer +5, Perception +5, Perform +5, Persuasion +5, Planes +5, Ride +5 Sage +5, Sawyer +5, Scavenger +5, Seneschal +5, Smelter +5, Soldier +5, Stealth +5, Stonemason +5, Survival +5, Tailor +5, Tanner +5, Weaponsmith +5, Weaver +5,

Decrease to: