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There are a number of different factions present in the River Kingdoms. This includes non-player factions such as Fort Riverwatch, Fort Inevitable, and Thornkeep. In addition to this players can setup their own factions. This includes chartered companies, followed by settlements, and finally nations which comprise the largest factions in the game.

Chartered Companies

Chartered companies are a grouping of individual players that persists even if everyone in the group is logged off. Chartered companies are often compared to guilds that are standard in most other MMO games. A player can be a member of up to three chartered companies at one time. Being a member of multiple chartered companies will give influence to them at a rate of 100% to your primary company, 50% to your secondary company and 0% for your third company.


Settlements are a more permanent structure that has an actual physical location within the game world. A settlement can be comprised of multiple chartered companies and individuals.

Land Rush Guilds

Guild # Name Settlement Name Current Settlement Hex Alignment Motto Website Members Primary Time Zone
22 The Empyrean Order Brighthaven LR1 +04+11 Neutral Good Brighthaven :: Community betterment, protection of the weak, and promotion of justice. [Link] 156
4 The Seventh Veil Phaeros LR1 +00+17 True Neutral Creation. Destruction. Exploration. Contemplation. Magic. Nature. Mysteries. [Link] 68
10 Pax Golgotha Golgotha W -06+06 Lawful Evil Through Strength of Arms, We Bring Peace [Link] 67
5 Pax Aeternum Callambea LR1 -09-02 Lawful Neutral There is No Peace Where the Will Falters [Link] 66
12 Keepers of the Circle Keeper's Pass AB +01+14 Neutral Good Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny. [Link] 63
7 Talonguard Talonguard K -19+02 Neutral Good A tight-knit, settlement-minded community [Link] 61
9 Ozem's Vigil (including Fidelis) Ozem's Vigil E -11-06 Lawful Good Righteous Valor, Justice and Honor; The Hardest Road [Link] 44
14 Settlement: Aragon (CN) / UNC Aragon X -06+02 Chaotic Neutral In Chaos we are bound only by our Love for Freedom [Link] 42
20 Dagedai Alliance Dagedai L -18+17 Lawful Neutral By will alone, we set this trade in motion. [Link] 41
19 Deepforge Forgeholm B +04-05 Lawful Neutral Strength of Steel, Glory of Gold! [Link] 34
56 Hammerfall Hammerfall Z -03+12 Neutral Good Threads of wood, gold and iron woven into one tapestry for all. [Link] 26
90 Thod's Friends Emerald Spire Base Camp V -06+09 Goodish Explore, Report, Cooperate - A PFS ruled settlement [Link] 23
21 The Phoenix Brotherhood O -17+09 Neutral Good doom [Link] 21
6 The Golden Flask Gilthearth F -17-03 Chaotic Good We'll Drink to That! [Link] 20
8 Mystical Awakening C -19-06 Neutral Good Death Ends Your Sorrow [Link] 17
11 Freevale Freevale I -05-02 Chaotic Neutral Freedom through Chaos [Link] 16
16 Taur-im-Duinath Taur-im-Duinath Y -03+15 Chaotic Good Haven of Elvenkind, one with nature and magic [Link] 13
60 Les Compagnons RiverBank AD -09+18 Lawful Neutral To build a better world [Link] 13
17 Eastern Sun Bernstein H +01+04 True Neutral We have a plan! (deutschsprachige Gilde) [Link] 12
33 Hammerfist Clan M -19+12 NG or CG? [Link] 12
70 vVv Gaming AA -03+03 Vision Valor Victory [Link] 10
74 The Gauntlet D -15-06 Protect the Realms. Get powerful. Make a profit! 10
30 Brains and Brawn S -10+13 Let's have fun [Link] 9
32 Agents of Erastil AC -13+03 The pack endures. [Link] 9
44 Dreamchasers U -07+14 We must be free to seek our dreams. [Link] 9
98 The Iron Gauntlet J -16+01 Lawful Neutral We are the Light of Civilization [Link] 9
81 Erastil's Irregulars Elkhaven P -14+09 Neutral Good By Sword and Bow and Stag and Boar [Link] 8 CST EDT
53 Librarians of Doom R-11+07 Lawful Neutral We've come to collect... your overdue fines! 7
92 Otium Explorator G -13-04 Neutral Good Alles mag, niets moet! 7
99 Four Rivers Mercenary Corp No job is too small (if it involves ale!) 7
105 The Vigilant N -16+13 Neutral Good Victory or Death 7
31 The Bastard Sons of Daggermark A -01-05 Chaotic Good If you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends [Link] 6
50 Green Mountain Militia Grunberg Q -14+06 Neutral Good Protecting the realm since 2004! [Link] 6
54 Storm Wardens Determination Protects Us [Link] 6
102 Reading Between the Lines Adventure & Stuff! [Link] 6
106 Terra Australis Incognito What doesn't kill you makes you stranger 6
110 Golarion Liberators Freedom doesn't come Free. 6
131 The Lightbringers We bring light to darkest places in this world. The Scourge must be stopped, at all costs. 6
46 Artisans of Avarice Greed is Good 5
59 Aseveljet Hakkaa päälle! [Link] 5
69 Eternity Council Power without conscience 5
67 Inner Sea Trading Company No Dying! 4
68 The Bluebox Society Saving the Universe, one instance at a time. 4
125 Probably Drunk Party! [Link] 4
133 The Haggarssons Family, Strength and Adventure! 4
45 Order of the Dragon Turtle Deeds, not words 3
57 Inconnu For my friends, everything. For everyone else, the law. 3
72 Vox Silentii Hope's End Neutral Evil All Things End In Silence 3
88 Blackthorns Band Security Through Order 3
116 The Deaders Contracts are law 3
119 Doom Live free or die 3
24 Azlanti Pure Bloods For the glory of Azlant! 2
35 The Deadpool Society Madness is your mistress, victory your song. 2
39 Steel City Knights Talonguard Leave no one behind. 2
40 Dragonstone Mill Guild A Tradition of Mighty, of Quality [Link] 2
82 Mecatol Rex Yo estuve allí [Link] 2
101 Wing Kong Exchange You were not brought forth upon this Earth to Get It. 2
103 Yonas - Ye Olde Nasty Adventuring Society The Rules are what you make them. [Link] 2
117 The Blackmoore Company The worlds greatest adventuring contractor 2
118 Defiant Order Destroy the strong. Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead! [Link] 2
128 Reapers Honor the Worthy; Bow to no one; The World is yours for the taking 2
25 The Guardians Libertas Ara Amplus [Link] 1
26 Knights of Andor Truth, Justice, Peace 1
27 Terra Rosa Milita Teamwork Respect Maturity [Link] 1
28 Lords of War [Link] 1
37 MYSTIC KNIGHTS To Defend Civilization 1
38 Brightford Old Deadeye Leads The Way 1
41 The Fallen 1
42 Silencers of the End-Singer Protectors of the Realm 1
48 Misery Strength through Law 1
49 Greenhearts To help those in need... 1
51 Varisian Blades I shall sing songs of your deeds! [Link] 1
52 Intrepid Crossing Ascendancy in Warfare and Excellence [Link] 1
55 Eyebright Arcanum Knowledge is Power 1
58 Death Guild drink or something 1
61 The Dark Brotherhood Our word is our bond 1
62 Epic Failures If you can't win, you fail. 1
63 Fianna's Wrath 1
64 Spanish Inquisition Tell it to the fire 1
65 Valsin's Rejects Explore, Report, Cooperate! 1
66 Clan Murchaid Honor through Courage 1
71 The Dragonfall Fellowship Respice ad caelum. 1
75 Commerce Magica Through Discovery is Profit Found! [Link] 1
76 Paragons We Haul Ours, To Kick Theirs! 1
78 Kelish Far Reaching Goods Premium goods at premium prices 1
79 Hellfire Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. [Link] 1
83 Simple Adventurers We are much like yourself 1
84 The Keepers Soon We Will Plunge Into the Cold Darkness... [Link] 1
85 The Cult of Yaboogie! Yew got a two on yer head! 1
87 Antihero Good? Bad? Who cares? [Link] 1
89 The Suffering We are better than you, and we know it! [Link] 1
91 Ruby Phoenix Society Burn bright, and rise from the ashes. 1
93 Cayden's Backbone Fear cuts deeper than swords. [Link] 1
94 Tieflings With Attitude If we can't be loved, then we'll be hated 1
95 Royal Diamonds Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress! [Link] 1
96 Clan Silvermane Life through adventure! 1
97 Vega's Castle No good deed goes unpunished [Link] 1
100 Order of the Electrum Dragon Pathfindin' Ain't Easy 1
104 Starsong Epiphany Life, Luck, and Liberty! 1
107 Mazon's Misfits Don't tell the paladin. 1
108 Crimson Knights Righteous in Wrath 1
109 Hammer of Desna We are the hammer that strikes the anvil [Link] 1
111 The Red Army Power to the Proletariat! [Link] 1
112 The Order of the Black Rose We are the gatekeepers to oblivion... 1
113 odinsons all is ours 1
114 The Cult of Melkor Black Foes of the World 1
115 Last Embrace Last Embrace Neutral Evil Home to death itself. 1
120 Keepers of Dark Knowledge To seek out the knowledge that others dare not acknowledge 1
122 Ardeal Loyalists The Flame of Ardeal is Everlasting 1
123 Wolf's Dragoons Fun and Fairness 1
124 Legacy of Keldorn What is hidden, may be found. 1
126 USMG It's about the gamer next to you. [Link] 1
127 Know Direction 1
129 Open Road Not all those who wander are lost. [Link] 1
130 Vox Veritatis The Truth Hurts [Link] 1
132 The Old timers Guild Laid back, not too serious, no drama...all about the fun. [Link] 1
134 Murder Hobos Bad Things Happen to Good People 1
135 Marrow Drinkers Chaotic Evil Hail Orcus our Prince 1
136 Forbidden Tiki Idols Maita'i roa ae! 1
137 Gloria et Divitiae In gold and jewels we trust 1
138 Seekers 1
139 Silvaryan Rangers 1
140 Paragons of Righteous Odium (PRO) True Neutral 1
141 Ale Knights 1
142 SUN 1
143 RECON Legion 1
144 The Almightier N/NE 1
23 Lost Ledger Trade is War. 0
34 Dragonblade Mercenaries Talonguard Your coin is our promise 0
77 Principal Gods Phoenix Brotherhood Greek Tip of the Spear [Link] 0
80 Phantasmagoria RiverBank T -09+05 Nothing is what it seems 0
121 Lion Council Aragon Chaotic Neutral Não afrouxemo nem nos lançante Pois semo loco de dá com um pau. 0
999 Fidelis See Ozem's Vigil With the shield, I defend. With this blade, I avenge. [Link] 0