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Default keybinds

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The following is a comprehensive list of Key names and their respective actions for Pathfinder Online, as defined by the game system itself. The system recognizes specific names for Keys and Commands (ex. Freelook, MouseTarget, Mouse0 Drag), therefore, it is important to use the appropriate name. For clarity sake, several names are defined, below.

All Keys and Mouse Buttons
U.S. Layout Dvorak Layout Game Action
W , Forward
A A TurnLeft
S O Back
D E TurnRight
E . StrafeRight
Q ' StrafeLeft
Left Arrow Left Arrow TurnLeft
Right Arrow Right Arrow TurnRight
Up Arrow Up Arrow Forward
Down Arrow Down Arrow Back
R P AutoRun
Left Shift Left Shift Walk
Left Control Left Control Run
Spacebar Spacebar Jump
Mouse0 Mouse0 MouseTarget
U.S. Layout Dvorak Layout Game Action
1 1 Attack1
2 2 Attack2
3 3 Attack3
4 4 Attack4
5 5 Attack5
6 6 Attack6
7 7 Utility1
8 8 Utility2
9 9 Refresh1
0 0 Refresh2
` ` WeaponSwap
C J Character
F Up Arrow Feats
X Q Stealth
Tab Tab TabTarget
U.S. Layout Dvorak Layout Game Action
F10 F10 Events
F11 F11 Achieve
I C Inventory
M M WorldMap
P L Paperdoll
Mouse1 drag Mouse1 drag Mouselook
Mouse1 Mouse1 InteractTarget
Mouse0 drag Mouse0 drag Freelook
Enter Enter Chat
F1 F1 SelectParty 0
F2 F2 SelectParty 1
F3 F3 SelectParty 2
F4 F4 SelectParty 3
F5 F5 SelectParty 4
F6 F6 SelectParty 5

Name Explanation
Mouse0 Left Mouse
Mouse1 Right Mouse
Mouse# Drag Hold the mouse button and move the mouse
Mouselook Turn character + camera
Freelook Camera pan