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The Great Library
Dear friends, welcome to the Great Library.


This is our library, painstakingly, and lovingly, created over decades by those passionate about knowledge and dedicated to sharing it with the world. We strongly maintain our openness to accepting new information and ideas, be they engendered free of bias and malice. We hold all knowledge--new or mature--to the test of reasonability; that is, if through proven means (i.e. documentation, experimentation, verification) an idea, doctrine, or theory should be proven false beyond a reasonable doubt, it shall be deemed such and all efforts will be made to stop the dissemination of said idea, doctrine, or theory. No subject is exempted from this test, no topic above scrutiny.


The Library is a strictly non-profit, volunteer organization. We, as a community, do not stake any ownership or ask any compensation for the knowledge contained within these walls--no mortal can buy, sell, or own knowledge. The gratification of seeing the wonder of enlightenment born on faces of those who visit our library is reward enough for us.


Knowledge is an ever expanding, ever evolving entity; one must be willing to embrace change and cast-off old ideas to truly understand knowledge and the art of learning. In that vein, we welcome and encourage new contributors to come forward and offer their ideas, support, and dedication.

Please contact an Administrator for more information regarding volunteering in the library.

So please, my friends, explore, read, learn. And of course, discuss!

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Roles are categories in which characters pursue Skills, Feats, and Features; you can think of choosing a Role as being synonymous with choosing a career-path. But don't worry; you can always quit your job (Role) and go work somewhere else (choose a new Role)! Also, each Role has strengths and weaknesses; therefore, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to picking a Role.