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User:Yoda8myhead/Feats reformat

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I want to make the following into an info box that floats at the top of the right side of the page, a feature that is pretty standard for wikis on all sorts of subjects

{{WikiData/{{{FeatKind}}}_FormatTableHeader}} {{WikiData/{{{FeatKind}}}/{{{Feat}}}|FormatTemplate=WikiData/{{{FeatKind}}}_FormatTableRow|FeatType={{{FeatType}}}|Role={{{Role}}}}} |}

the following text will appear at the top of the article, flush with the top of the info box.

{{{Feat}}} is a {{{FeatKind}}} Feat available to characters of the [[{{{Role}}}]] role. Any other text that a user would benefit from having explained in plain text instead of a table should also go here.


{{{Feat}}} has the following effects.

Template:WikiData/FeatEffects FormatTableHeader {{WikiData/FeatEffects/{{{Feat}}}|FormatTemplate=WikiData/FeatEffects_FormatTableRow|Filter_Level=}} |}


{{{Feat}}} has the following level advancement (is this the right term for this?).

Template:WikiData/FeatLevels FormatTableHeader {{WikiData/FeatLevels/{{{Feat}}}|FormatTemplate=WikiData/FeatLevels_FormatTableRow}} |}

There should be a navbox template at the bottom of the page, pointing the user to other feats of the same type, similar to how PFWiki points to other books in the same line on a product page, to other deities on a deity page, etc. Once created, this can auto-populate based on the existing parameters.

This template should be able to auto-categorize feats so that you don't need to manually enter them. This can be done with the #switch parser function, setting each type of feat as a different value for the function. See Template:Book on the PathfinderWiki for an example of this.