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User:Yoda8myhead/Feats reformat

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I want to make the following into an info box that floats on the right side of the page, a feature that is pretty standard for wikis on all sorts of subjects {{WikiData/{{{FeatKind}}}_FormatTableHeader}} {{WikiData/{{{FeatKind}}}/{{{Feat}}}|FormatTemplate=WikiData/{{{FeatKind}}}_FormatTableRow|FeatType={{{FeatType}}}|Role={{{Role}}}}} |}

This text will appear at the top of the article, flush with the top of the info box. {{{Feat}}} is a {{{FeatKind}}} Feat available to characters of the {{{Role}}} role.


{{{Feat}}} has the following effects.

Template:WikiData/FeatEffects FormatTableHeader {{WikiData/FeatEffects/{{{Feat}}}|FormatTemplate=WikiData/FeatEffects_FormatTableRow|Filter_Level=}} |}


{{{Feat}}} has the following level advancement (is this the right term for this?). Template:WikiData/FeatLevels FormatTableHeader {{WikiData/FeatLevels/{{{Feat}}}|FormatTemplate=WikiData/FeatLevels_FormatTableRow}} |}

There should be a navbox template here, pointing the user to other feats of the same type, similar to how PFWiki points to other books in the same line on a product page, to other deities on a deity page, etc. Once created, this can auto-populate based on the existing parameters.

This template should be able to auto-categorize feats so that you don't need to manually enter them. This can be done with the #switch parser function, setting each type of feat as a different value for the function. See pfo:Template:Book for an example of this.