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(New Data Format from Stephen)
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If you want to ask me anything or just stop in to say hello, [[User talk:Yoda8myhead|please do so]]!
If you want to ask me anything or just stop in to say hello, [[User talk:Yoda8myhead|please do so]]!
== New Data Format from Stephen ==
I am very interested in understanding this, and perhaps offering some suggestions.  So far, I've generally taken the attitude that I would work with whatever Stephen gave us as-is.  I'm very curious how you would solve the general problem of having a page for all the Cantrips, and then wanting a page for each specific Cantrip.  Would you simply copy the data out of the "All Cantrips" page for the specific Cantrip?  What would the standard process be when sweeping changes are made?  Also, there is a great deal of data in Lee's spreadsheets that is not formatted at all for the wiki.  Are there any plans for that to be presented in a wiki format? [[User:Nihimon|Nihimon]] ([[User talk:Nihimon|talk]]) 21:41, 14 October 2014 (UTC)
I should add that I can probably output the data in any way you want without requiring any extra work from Stephen.  In fact, it would be extremely helpful if you could take a lead role in helping us get over the first hurdle.  Specifically, I'd like to take the example I used above about having one page that lists all the Cantrips and then a page for each individual Cantrip and work through the special problems that are presented one at a time.
== Contact me!==
== Contact me!==

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In March 2010, I made my first official contribution to the Pathfinder line and have since written several Pathfinder Society scenarios and a number of Pathfinder Adventure Path player's guides, among other products. You can see my contributor bio page here. In September 2010, I was hired by Paizo to work in house developing Pathfinder Society Scenarios and maintaining canon across their numerous product lines. I try to remain as active on the wiki as I can, despite my new responsibilities to make the cool products the wiki chronicles.

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If you want to ask me anything or just stop in to say hello, please do so!

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