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[b]Alpha Build 7.1 (9/07/14)[/b]


The latest design we know about gives each settlement 3 large, 6 medium, and 10 small plots, as well as 10 tiny plots for civic assets/decorations.

[b]Default, no slots:[/b]


Keep (upgrades a Fort; Trade: Architect, Trade: Seneschal )


[b]Large; max 3/6:[/b]

Auction House

Barracks [Martial Roles?, Trade: Officer, Trade: Soldier]

Cathedral [Divine Roles]

Guild Hall [Rogue-ish? Roles, Trade: Seneschal]

University [Arcane Roles]

Market Place

[b]Medium; max 6/12:[/b]

Academy [Wizard Role]

Dreadnaught School [Feat school heavy martial / STR & heavy weapons]

Fighter College [Fighter Role]

Guild House

Occultist School [Feat school for Wizard & Sorcerer Roles]

Seminary [Feat school for Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger?, and Oracle? Roles]

Skirmisher School [Feat school for light martial/DEX & light + ranged weapons)

Tavern [Socializing and Power Recovery]

Temple [Cleric Role]

Thieves Guild [Rogue Role]

Training Field [Trade: Soldier]

War Wizard School [Feat school for Wizard & Sorcerer Roles]

[b]Small Buildings; max 10/16:[/b]

Alchemist Lab [Profession: Dowser, Craft: Alchemist]

Apothecary [Profession: Forester, Profession: Apothecary]

Arcanist's Workshop [Profession: Dowser, Profession: Sage, Spellcraft]

Artificer's Workshop [Profession: Dowser, Craft: Artificer, Knowledge: Geography]

Enchanter [Profession: Dowser, Spellcraft ]

Geologist [Profession: Miner, Profession: Gemcutter, Trade: Stonemason]

Iconographer [Profession: Dowser, Craft: Iconographer]

Jeweler [Profession: Miner, Craft: Jeweler]

Leatherworker [Craft: Leatherworker, Profession: Scavenger]

Loom [Profession: Scavenger, Profession: Weaver]

Quartermaster [Craft: Armorsmith, Craft: Engineer, Craft: Weaponsmith]

Sawmill [Profession: Forester, Profession: Miner, Profession: Sawyer, Trade: Carpenter]

Smeltmill [Profession: Smelter]

Tailor [Profession: Scavenger. Craft: Tailor]

Tannery [Profession: Tanner, Profession: Forester]

Woodshop [Craft: Bowyer, Trade: Carpenter]

[Build 8]: Dueling school [Fighter Support Structure ?]

[Build 8]: Engineer is being rolled into the weapon master or another building. We do not have a model for a separate structure for it currently.

Note: Support only small buildings for each Role will exist, they will be added as details are released.

[b]Tiny Buildings (Index Boosting items/Structures); max 10/? [/b]

Unknown List ?

[b]Unknown, mentioned:[/b]

Guard tower


Wizard's tower


Auction House (of Medium and Small sizes)





Market Place (of Medium and Small sizes)



Border Crossing


Engineer Shop


Signal Tower



[i]Change log: [/i]

1- Moved Tavern to Medium sized building.

2- Added new buildings, added descriptions.

3- Pending summary of Tork’s Q&A.

4- Pending training structures for Stonemason, Blacksmith and Carpenter.

5- Pending; [Build 8]: Dueling school [Fighter Support Structure ?]

6- [url=]The Big Chill[/url]:


Spellcraft place on Arcanist's Workshop Trainer.


Added Forester to Sawmill

Changed Tannery from teaching Nature to Forester.

Replaced Scavenger with Miner on Jeweler trainers.

Added Scavenger to Leatherworker trainer.

7- Pending Changes (Build 8):

[Build 8]: Engineer is being rolled into the weapon master or another building. We do not have a model for a separate structure for it currently.