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(list pending as soon as I get internet access back and I can log into the game...)

Skills, Trainers, and Training Structures

Alpha Build 11.0 (11/07/14)

Gathering Skills:

Profession: Dowser (PER)

Requires: Alchemist Lab, Arcanist's Workshop, Artificer Workshop, Enchanter, Iconographer
Gathers: Essences ("Colorful collection of sparks"; ?)

Profession: Forester (WIS)

Requires: Apothecary, Sawmill, Tannery
Gathers: Plants ("A few interesting plants"; Logs, Berries, Leaves, Foxfire, Smoke Peppers...)

Profession: Miner (CON)

Requires: Geologist, Smeltmill, Jeweler
Gathers: Rocks ("A mound of shiny rocks"; Ore, Coal, Gems...)

Profession: Scavenger (WIS)

Requires: Loom, Tailor, Leatherworker
Gathers: Junk ("Pile of trash"; generally has something you'd find in that same hex in either a Forester or Miner node)

Note: All resource nodes show up on the mini-map with yellow-ish icons. You can hover over them on the mini-map to see what they are from a distance. After you deplete a node, there is a slight delay before it disappears from your mini-map.

Refining skills:

Profession: Apothecary (WIS)

Requires: Apothecary
Refines: Chemical
Raw Materials: Combat/Forester/Miner/Scavenger

Profession: Gemcutter (DEX)

Requires: Geologist
Refines: Gem
Raw Materials: Combat/Miner

Profession: Sage (PER)

Requires: Arcanist's Workshop
Refines: Essence
Raw Materials: Combat/Dowser/Miner

Profession: Sawyer (CON)

Requires: Sawmill
Refines: Wood
Raw Materials: Combat/Forester/Miner

Profession: Smelter (CON)

Requires: Smeltmill
Refines: Metal
Raw Materials: Combat/Miner

Profession: Tanner (CON)

Requires: Tannery
Refines: Leather
Raw Materials: Combat

Profession: Weaver (DEX)

Requires: Loom
Refines: Cloth
Raw Materials: Combat/Forester

Crafting Skills:

Craft: Alchemist (INT)

Requires: Alchemist Lab
Produces: Consumables
Production Line: Apothecary/Sage/Smelter

Craft: Armorsmith (STR)

Requires: Quartermaster
Produces: Medium and Heavy armors
Production Line: Apothecary/Gemcutter/Sage/Sawyer/Smelter/Tannery/Weaver

Craft: Artificer (INT)

Requires: Artificer Workshop
Produces: Arcane weapons and implements
Production Line: Gemcutter/Sage/Sawyer/Smelter

Craft: Bowyer (DEX)

Requires: Woodshop
Produces: Ranged weapons
Production Line: Apothecary/Sawyer/Smelter/Tannery/Weaver

Craft: Engineer (INT)

Requires: Quartermaster, Weapon Master
Produces: Shields, Camp Consumables, campsites, and kit implements [Aristocrat, Expert, Rogue]
Production Line: Apothecary/Sawyer/Smelter/Weaver

Craft: Iconographer (WIS)

Requires: Iconographer
Produces: Divine and miscellaneous implements (Barbarian, Cleric, Druid)
Production Line: Apothecary/Gemcutter/Sage/Sawyer/Smelter/Tannery

Craft: Jeweler (INT)

Requires: Jeweler
Produces: Jewelry accessory items: Belts, Bracelets, Circlets, Necklaces, and Rings), and implements (Fighter)
Production Line: Gemcutter/Smelter

Craft: Leatherworker (DEX )

Requires: Leather Worker
Produces: Light armors and leather accessory items: Belts, Boots, Gloves, Hats, and Pouches/Packs
Production Line: Apothecary/Smelter/Tannery/Weaver

Craft: Tailor (DEX)

Requires: Tailor
Produces: Cloth armors and cloth accessory items: Robes, Belts, Caps, Cloaks, Clothes, Gloves, Slippers, and Pouches
Production Line: Sage/Smelter/Tannery/Weaver

Craft: Weaponsmith (STR)

Requires: Quartermaster
Produces: Melee weapons, commoner implements
Production Line: Apothecary/Gemcutter/Sage/Smelter/Tannery

Crafting & Refining:

Spellcraft (INT)

Requires: Enchanter?, Arcanist Workshop
Produces: ?
Production Line: ?

Trade Skills:

Trade: Architect

Requires: Keep
Effect: ?

Trade: Carpenter (CON)

Requirements: Sawmill, Woodshop
Produces: ?
Production Line: ?

Trade: Officer (PER)

Requires: Barracks
Effect: ?

Trade: Seneschal (PER)

Requires: Keep, Guild House
Effect: ?

Trade: Soldier (STR)

Requires: Barracks, Training Field
Effect: ?

Trade: Stonemason (STR)

Requires: Geologist
Produces: ?
Production Line:?

Knowledge Skills:

Knowledge: Arcana (INT)

Effect: ?

Knowledge: Dungeons (WIS)

Effect: ?

Knowledge: Geography (INT)

Requires: Artificer Workshop
Effect: (giants - ogres)

Knowledge: History (PER)

Effect: (undead - skeletons and ghouls)

Knowledge: Local (PER)

Effect: (humanoids - goblins, bandits, raiders, knights, cultists)

Knowledge: Nature (WIS)

Effect: ?

Knowledge: Planes (INT)

Effect: (outsiders - hellhounds)

Religion (WIS)

Effect: ?

Knowledge: Survival (WIS or INT?)

Effect: (animals - wolves)

Note: Knowledge skills increase the loot available from monster kills in appropriate categories (partially implemented).

General Skills

Athletics (STR)

Bluff (PER)

Disable Device (DEX)

Escape Artist (DEX)

Fly (DEX)

Handle Animal (PER)

Heal (?)

Perception (WIS)

Perform (PER)

Persuasion (PER)

Ride (DEX)

Sense Motive (WIS)

Stealth (DEX)

  • Not on Character Sheet, but previously mentioned:*

Blacksmith (STR)

Requires: ?
Produces: ?
Production Line: ?

Alpha 10 blog wrote:

“Added Commoner and Expert trainers to starting towns, crafting towns, and Thornkeep. Currently they only train the armor feats related to Commoners and Experts.”

Lee Hammock wrote:

“Commoner and Expert trainers are not currently associated with any buildings. Eventually they will have their own buildings, but the art assets were not requested for this stage as getting the armor feats set up for them was a bit of an unexpected bonus. I figured giving crafters and gatherers another thing to spend XP on was worth not waiting for the building. ”