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Pathfinder Online is an open-world sandbox game, and, as such, there are a multitude of different ways to play and enjoy the game. Whether you want to adventure through the wilderness, slaying ogres and crushing monster infestations, or hang around in town to play the markets, buying low and selling high, Pathfinder Online has a place for you.

Roles are categories in which characters pursue Skills, Feats, and Features; you can think of choosing a Role as being synonymous with choosing a career-path. But don't worry; you can always quit your job (Role) and go work somewhere else (choose a new Role)! Also, each Role has strengths and weaknesses; therefore, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to picking a Role.

During your Pathfinder Online career, you can choose to specialize strictly in one particular Role, or dabble in them all!
Adventure Roles
The Adventure Roles are the class archetypes that focus primarily on combat and adventure; if you want to smash goblins--and other players!--choosing some Feats and Features from the following Roles will serve you well. Currently, there are 4 Adventure Roles available, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard, with the following in production: Bard, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, and Sorcerer.

Fighters are masters of physical combat, be it with spear, bow, or sword. As Fighters advance in level, they gain the ability to further specialize in the fighting style of their choice; for example, a Fighter could choose to master Heavy Blades like longswords or greatswords, Ranged Attacks with longbows or crossbows, or even One- or Two-Handed Axes--just to name a few. These specializations confer bonuses to damage, critical hits, and hit chance.

Fighters are made for combat: their powers and tactics make them living weapons and a vital part of every battle. Few can match them in pure damage. Heavy armored Fighters can excel at pinning groups of enemies down while their friends whittle them away, while medium armored, ranged Fighters can employ hit-and-run tactics to keep the enemy scrambling and confused.


More than just priests, clerics are emissaries of their gods, working divine will through the might and the magic of their deities. Clerics are devout followers of religions and philosophies that inspire them, and they quest to spread the influence of their faith.

Clerics must be stalwart and capable combatants as they are often on the front line of battle, right in the thick of things. They also have the ability to draw upon the power of their deities to create miracles; effects such as healing, protecting allies, vexing foes, or raising the dead are among their repertoires.

These ever adaptive acrobats, manipulators, and stalkers use their charm and cunning to bend fate. Rogues live a life of endless adventure filled with danger so they must rely on their luck, prowess, or wit to make it through the day.Rogues tend to excel at being stealthy and catching foes unawares, usually trying to avoid combat one-on-one. With their many skills and abilities rogues can fill various gaps in combat, however most are just as useful in other situations.
Wizards explore the arcane arts, beyond the veil of the mundane, where works of immortals in far flung realms and legends of gods and spirits forms and bends the very fabric of reality. Wizards, who have risen above the common folk with their ambition and intellect, control the building blocks of creation, conjuring items instantly and evoking fire from thin air. These men and women are capable of such wondrous feats from empowering and protecting their allies, smiting their enemies, to shaping the world around them.