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Female Rogue in Loose Warrior's Shirt

These ever adaptive acrobats, manipulators, and stalkers use their charm and cunning to bend fate. Rogues live a life of endless adventure filled with danger so they must rely on their luck, prowess, or wit to make it through the day. In their pursuit of adventure many rogues travel far and wide meeting exotic people, visiting fantastic places, and meeting danger head on. At the end of the day they live on their own terms.

Rogues tend to excel at being stealthy and catching foes unawares, usually trying to avoid combat one-on-one. With their many skills and abilities rogues can fill various gaps in combat, however most are just as useful in other situations.What they can’t kill they can charm with their wit and winning personalities.

Rogues use a Rogue Kit as their implement.Getting Your Rogue to Level 8