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'''Alpha Information'''
'''Alpha Information'''
[ Quick Start Guide]
[ Alpha Map with Coordinates]
[ Alpha Map with Coordinates]

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The Level 8 Gate

Community Made


Alpha Information

Alpha Map with Coordinates

New World Map

General Information


Goblinworks Blogs

Pathfinder Online Wiki


PFO on Ideascale

PFO Paizo Forum

Goblinworks Forum

PFO Kickstarter

Settlement Recruitment

Goblinworks Land Rush

Nihimonicon: Settlement Information


Full Map

New World Map

Terrain Map

Elevation Map

Political and Crafting Map

Additional Resources

Pathfinder Wiki

Pathfinder Reference Document: Alignment

Editors Notes:

1- To avoid inappropriate terminology, all instances of the world "Guild" has been replaced with the correct PFO term of "Settlement".