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*[[Getting your Cleric to Level 8|Cleric]]
*[[Getting your Cleric to Level 8|Cleric]]
*[[Getting your Wizard to Level 8|Wizard]]
*[[Getting your Wizard to Level 8|Wizard]]
===Community Made===
*[ Nihimonicon -Forum lists and threads for newcomers]
*[ Cheatle's User Guide with Images]
*[ Caldeathe Baequiannia's Player Resources]
*[ Nightdrifter's Simple PFO Calculators]
*[ Pathfinder Online HQ]
*[ Refining Recipes]
*[ Crafting Recipes]
*[ Dazyk's PFO Quick Reference]
*[ Sspitfire1's PFO Exp Tables2]
*[ Valkenr's Armor Analysis]

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The Level 8 Gate

Community Made


[b]Alpha Information[/b]

[url=]Quick Start Guide[/url]

[url=]Alpha Map with Coordinates[/url]

[url=WorldMap.png]New World Map[/url] [b] General Information[/b]


[url=]Goblinworks Blogs[/url]

[url=]Pathfinder Online Wiki[/url]


[url=]PFO on Ideascale[/url]

[url=]PFO Paizo Forum[/url]

[url=]Goblinworks Forum[/url]

[url=]PFO Kickstarter[/url]

[b]Settlement Recruitment[/b]

[url=]Goblinworks Land Rush[/url]

[url=]Nihimonicon: Settlement Information[/url]

[b]Player Guides & Resources[/b]

[url=]Pathfinder Online User Guide w/Informational Images and Charts[/url]

[url=]Developer Spreadsheets (Public Share)[/url]

[url=]Nihimonicon: Guild Recruitment & Helpful Links [/url]

[url=] Caldeathe Baequiannia's Player Resources[/url]

[url=]Developer's Posts[/url]

[url=]Nightdrifter's Simple PFO Calculators[/url]

[url=]Pathfinder Online HQ[/url]

[url=] Refining Recipe[/url]

[url=] Crafting Recipe[/url]

[url=]Dazyk's PFO Quick Reference[/url]

[url=]Sspitfire1's PFO Exp Tables2[/url]

[url=] Armor Analysis[/url]


[url= fullmap.png]Full Map[/url]

[url=WorldMap.png]New World Map[/url] [url=]Terrain Map[/url]

[url= testMap004.png]Elavation Map[/url]

[url=]Political and Crafting Map[/url]

[b]Additional Resources[/b]

[url=]Pathfinder Wiki[/url]

[url=] Pathfinder Reference Document: Alignment[/url]

[i]Editors Notes:[/i]

1- To avoid inappropriate terminology, all instances of the world "Guild" has been replaced with the correct PFO term of "Settlement".