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Portal:User Interface

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From movement in combat to travelling from town to town training skills, knowing what keys will make your character go is a crucial first step to learning the game.


It is important, especially in combat, to be aware of your movement speed, as travelling at anything faster than a Walk will provoke Opportunity, giving your opponents a distinct advantage.

Combat Controls

To fight effectively, one must have an intimate knowledge of the Combat Controls: In the heat of battle, one mis-key could be the difference between life and death!

Interface Controls

The last thing any player wants to do is spend time searching for relevant information. From finding your skill list, to seeing if an Expendable is in your Inventory, knowing which key or menu icon leads to which information will save you time and ensure your game-time stays fun.

Customizing the Controls

Keybinds specify which keys on the keyboard and mouse are 'bound' to which Controls in the game. Customizing these key and mouse buttons so that performing actions feels effortless, and the controls feel comfortable, is critical to being able to enjoy the game.

Graphical Interface