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Points of Interest & Outposts

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Point of Interest & Outposts

(Place holder; description goes here)

Known POI [Max 1/hex]:

Inn: A welcoming tavern that provides lodgings, player power regeneration, limited trade goods, some training for social classes, and a space for social interaction

Manor: A sturdy country house with a surrounding estate that provides some skill training, some resource gathering potential, and some trade and aristocrat skill related functions

Watchtower: A secure hold that provides perception bonuses and some martial training

Shrine: A place of worship that provides some healing, some curse and affliction removal, and some religious training

Known Outposts [Max 2/hex]:

Bulk ResourcesTypes: Wood, Stone, Iron, Food, Trade Goods

Bulk Resources Stats: Stone, Fish, Crops, Wood, Game, Herds, Ore

Hex Location:

Lowlands: Croplands, Swamplands, Water

Midlands: Woodlands, Highlands

Toplands: Mountains

Resources by Hexes:

Water: [H] Fish Crafting: Pearls, Herbs, Essences Bulk: Food, Trade Goods Outposts: Docks

Croplands: [H] Crops, [M] Herds, [L] Wood Crafting: Herbs, Cloth Bulk: Food, Trade Goods Outposts: Farm, Ranch

Swamplands: [M] Fish, [M] Wood, [M] Game, [M] Ore Crafting: Leather Bulk: All Outposts: Lumber Mill, Hunting Lodge, Mine

Woodlands: [H] Woods, [M] Game, [L] Ore Crafting: Wood, Herbs Bulk: Wood, Food, Trade Goods Outposts: Lumber Mill, Hunting Lodge

Highlands: [H] Stone, [M] Ore, [L] Herds Crafting: Coal, Copper, Gold Bulk: Stone, Ore Outposts: Quarry, Mine

Mountains: [H] Ore, [M] Stone, [L] Game Crafting: Iron, Silver Bulk: Iron, Stone Outposts: Mine, Quarry

Brokenlands: Crafting: Adamantine, Meteoric Iron Bulk: N/A Outposts: N/A

  • Note that recommendations above for Outpost do not include resources with a [L] Low rating.

Known Wilderness Structures [Max 3/hex]:

Base Camp (max 2/hex)

Smallholding (max 3/hex)

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