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Feat Name Role Effects
Crusader Cleric Base Defense Bonus, Light Melee Attack Bonus, Heavy Melee Attack Bonus
Evangelist Cleric Speed, Ranged Attack Bonus, Divine Attack Bonus
Healer Cleric Regeneration
Archer Fighter Speed, Ranged Attack Bonus
Dragoon Fighter Improved Critical, Light Melee Attack Bonus, Heavy Melee Attack Bonus
Unbreakable Fighter All Resistances
Chameleon Rogue Stealth, Improved Critical
Scout Rogue Perception, Stealth, Ranged Attack Bonus, Speed
Swashbuckler Rogue Light Melee Attack Bonus
Binder Wizard Energy Resistances
Mage Wizard Physical Resistances
Scholar Wizard Speed, Arcana, Dungeoneering, Geography, History, Local, Nature, Planes, Survival