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The Game
Everything you need to know about Pathfinder Online is right here! This wiki is a community driven resource for new and veteran players alike. There are so many intricate facets to this game that even long-time players can learn a thing-or-two! Please remember that this content is a work in progress, as is Pathfinder Online itself, and as such, details will be added and expanded as new information and changes are revealed.
PFO Status
Build version: Early Enrollment 10.0
War of Towers Ended: Friday 2015 July 10
Wrather of Nhur Athemon: Friday 2015 July 10 to Sunday 2015 August 09
New Corp takeover In progress: 2nd Quarter 2016

Dear Friends, welcome to the Great Library of the River Kingdoms. Please, learn more about our values and ideals here; also, find a Glossary of game terms.
Find out everything you need to know about your character, including Ability Scores, Roles, Feats, Skills, Reputation, and Achievements.
What does that shiny Token of Lesser Dodging do? What about that mysterious Bag of Dreamy Stuff? Find out about Armor, Weapons, Consumables, and many other types of Gear.
What are the different Hex types and what Resources do they contain? What are Chartered Companies? Learn about Settlements, Nations, Factions, and monster Escallations. What is a territorial conquest game without something worth fighting over? Learn about the War of Towers, Shrines of Pharasma, Points of Interest, and Outposts.
There is always something to do in this player-driven economy, whether it be finding the Recipes, Gathering the resources, Refining the raw materials, or Crafting and Auctioning the finished product.
The River Kingdoms are fraught with peril. What happens, mechanically, when you Attack with your sword or your wand? How do your Resistances protect you from your enemies? How do Effects, States, and Buffs/Debuffs affect you in battle? What are Keywords? What happens if you kill other players?
User Interface
How do you make your character run or jump? What is the yellow bar next to your character and what does it mean? Can you increase the size of your UI? What about turning the music up, or down?