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Now that the player has taken their first steps and killed their first goblins, they are likely wondering "did I get any loot?" and "what are my character's statistics?" To find out, one must know how and where to access that information.

The last thing any player wants to do is spend time searching for relevant information. From finding your skill list, to seeing if an Expendable is in your Inventory, knowing which key or menu icon leads to which information will save you time and ensure your game-time stays fun.


Although also mentioned in the Combat controls section, targeting controls will be briefly reiterated here as they are used as much for selecting NPCs, resource nodes, and other non-combative targets as they are used in combat. Clicking with the Left mouse button will select a target (be it enemy, friend, or node); Right clicking on the target will begin interaction (i.e. gathering from a resource node or talking with an NPC). When the Left mouse button is held down and the mouse is moved (up, down, right, or left) the camera will pan around the character in the direction of the mouse.

Character Information

C opens your Character Sheet, where you can find your XP, Reputation, Skills, Ability Scores, Resistances, Attack Bonuses, and other information. P opens up your "Paperdoll," which is where you will slot your Feats and your Equipment to build your character's ability set. F opens your Feats menu where you will find all of your trained feats, and what they do. I opens your Inventory, where you hold all of your Gear, Resources, and looted goods! M will open the World Map, where you can see the lay of the land more easily than on your mini-map. F10 opens the window in the top right corner of the game screen, where you can track your latest Achievements, find out how close you are to your next Role level, or see the details of an Escallation mission. F11 opens your Achievement window, which lists all of your completed and in-progress accomplishments. Be sure to check the Graphical Interface section to discover more detail on all of the previous, and many other, menus and game interfaces.

Interface Controls
Key(s) Icon Screen Area Action
Click Left Mouse Select Target
Click Right Mouse Interact with Target
Hold Left Mouse + move Mouse Up, Down, Left, or Right Pan camera in direction of mouse movement
Mouse Wheel (scroll button) Zoom camera in and out
Character sheet icon.png
Top left Toggle Character sheet
Paperdoll Icon.png
Top left Toggle Paperdoll
Feats menu icon.png
Top left Toggle Feats menu
Inventory icon.png
Top left Toggle Inventory menu
Map icon.png
Top left Toggle World Map
Event window icon.png
Top right Toggle Events window
Achievement menu icon.png
Top left Toggle Achievement window
Quest log icon.png
Top left Toggle Quest Log window
Company icon.png
Top left Open Company window


Similarly to Party commands, Company commands involve first pressing Enter to place the cursor in the chat box, then typing forward slash (/). All commands always have the same syntax: /command parameter, parameter. Unlike the Party commands, however, most parameters in the Company commands do not properly process if capitalization is used. Please use only lower case characters. Most commands start with vc which stands for Venture Company.

Company Commands
Text Entered Action
/companysearch Open the company search control
/vccreate companyname Creates a company and makes you the leader (spaces in the name are accepted)
/vcinvite companyname, charactername Invites a character to the company
/vcstatement companyname, statement Enter company moto, long description
/vcrecruitmessage companyname, recruit message Brief company description, tag-line
/vcaccept Used by the invited character to accept the invitation
/vckick companyname, charactername Kick the Character from the Company
/settlementapply settlementname, companyname Send sponsorship application from Company to Settlement (leader only)