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[[Getting your Fighter to Level 8]]
[[Getting your Fighter to Level 8]]

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Male Human Fighter in Hide and Steel Banded.

Fighter is a role available to players in Pathfinder Online.


What motivates a Fighter to take up arms? The answers to this pivotal question are as varied as the different types of weapons and fighting styles that can be found in the world. Some fighters wish to protect others, such as their families, countries, or the weak and less fortunate; others strive for glory, revenge, or wealth; and still others fight simply because they have never known any other way.

Some fighters go on to become great generals, master tacticians, and even kings and queens, thanks to their tactical and strategic prowess. Others are content to sell their swords to the highest bidders, or resort to banditry, on the open roads and in the frontier lands.


There are as many different types of fighters as there are fighters. From mobile, ranged Fighters to in-your-face, sword-and-shield experts---and everything in between. Some focus on absolute mastery of one particular weapon or fighting style, while others are so versatile they could turn anything they grasp into a deadly weapon: be it sword, chain, shield, or piece of wood.


Fighters are masters of physical combat, be it with spear, bow, or sword. As Fighters advance in level, they gain the ability to further specialize in the fighting style of their choice; for example, a Fighter could choose to master Heavy Blades like longswords or greatswords, Ranged Attacks with longbows or crossbows, or even One- or Two-Handed Axes--just to name a few. These specializations confer bonuses to damage, critical hits, and hit chance.


Fighters are made for combat: their powers and tactics make them living weapons and a vital part of every battle. Few can match them in pure damage. Heavy armored Fighters can excel at pinning groups of enemies down while their friends whittle them away, while medium armored, ranged Fighters can employ hit-and-run tactics to keep the enemy scrambling and confused.

Special Tools

Fighters often keep mementos--called Trophy Charms--of their past victories and crowning achievements. In moments of great need, a Fighter can focus on these Trophy Charms, harness the power garnered from those past triumphs, and unleash epic maneuvers on their enemies!

Getting your Fighter to Level 8