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Female Elf

To most, elves seem to be hauntingly beautiful and elegant creatures, with graceful features and a harmonious relationship with the world around them; however, to themselves, elves see a sophisticated culture possessing unparalleled knowledge and an uncanny mastery over art and magic.


Elven history on Golarion began--and some say peaked--thousands of years before that of humankind. Despite being far longer-lived and having greater skill in the arts of war and magic than the other races, elves began to stagnate against the expansion of the barbaric human race. When the elven diviners heralded the coming of the Earthfall, most of the elven people retreated from Golarion through their ancient, interplanetary Elf Gates. After millennia of isolation and exploration in the space between worlds, the elves felt that perhaps the humans were now ready to share the world, and that the time was right to return to Golarion and reclaim the ancient elven sovereignty.

Upon their return, the elves were able to reclaim many of the lands they had held millenia before, however, new conflicts arose between the elves and the human warlords who would not recognize the elven claims of ownership over lands they had long ago abandoned. Eventually, the elves established an almost ephemeral presence in Golarion, mostly in their secluded forest kingdoms.


Elves are usually thinner and taller than humans, and possess pointed ears and large eyes. The irises of elven eyes are much larger than other races: they are often--mistakenly--thought to have no white area at all. The graceful way in which elves move, in addition to the elegant eyes, pointed ears, and graceful demeanour, give elves an otherworldly appearance. Over the centuries, elves often begin to take on characteristics of the environments in which they live, due to their closeness and love of nature. All the resources used in clothing and other apparel also come from local flora and fauna, and add to the natural appearance of elves.


While elves may seem carefree to other races because of their affinity for pranks and their sometimes reckless decision making, it is a mistake to think of elves as thoughtless or uncaring. They make friends easily, value those friendships highly, and consider it a personal failure to do wrong by those friendships. Elves have an almost glib way of talking, although keeping their word or swearing an oath to a deity is highly valued and never to be broken, forgotten, or twisted.

Elves of the River Kingdoms

Elven Racial Skill Modifiers:

Gathering Refining Crafting Building Knowledge Ability Combat
Miner -5 Alchemist +10 Artificer +10 Architect +10 Arcana +10 DisableDevice +10 Arcane Attack Bonus +10
Gemcutter +10 Bowyer +10 Carpenter -5 Dungeoneering +10 EscapeArtist +10 Light Melee Attack Bonus +10
Weaver +10 Engineer +10 Geography +10 Perception +20 Ranged Attack Bonus +10
Sawyer -5 Jeweler +10 History +10 Ride +10 Reflex Defense Bonus +10
Smelter -5 Leatherworker +10 Local +10 Stealth +10
Tanner -5 Tailor +10 Nature +10
Planes +10

Elven Appearance Customizations

(Note: The options available under "Appearance Customizations" are from Alpha 8.1 and therefore somewhat limited. Many more options for customization will be implemented as the game becomes more developed. - Dazyk (talk) 08:53, 21 September 2014 (UTC))


Male Female
MalElf.PNG FemElf.PNG


Gender Face 1 Face 2 Face 3
Male MalElf Face1.PNG MalElf Face2.PNG MalElf Face3.PNG
Female FemElf Face1.PNG FemElf Face2.PNG FemElf Face3.PNG


Gender Hair 1 Hair 2 Hair 3 Hair 4
Male MalElf Face1.PNG MalElf Hair2.PNG MalElf Hair3.PNG
Female FemElf Hair1.PNG FemElf Face1.PNG FemElf Hair3.PNG FemElf Hair4.PNG
Hair Colour

Black Dark Brown Med Brown Light Brown Red Blonde Light Blonde Grey


Custom 1 - 8 Elf Tone 1 Elf Tone 2 Elf Tone 3


Dark Brown Hazel Green Tan Blue Aqua Violet Grey