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Early Enrollment

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Please note that all data herein is subject to further change.


You can sign up for Early Enrollment, as well as purchase other game packages, on the Goblinworks Shop. Presently, there are two packages: the $100 package, which allows you to start on the first day of Early Enrollment and the $50 Explorer package, which allows you to start on the second month of Early Enrollment.

The Map

EE Map Before the Landrush
EE Map - War of Towers

Due to Goblinworks commitment to Crowdforging, the first day of Early Enrollment will now consist of the entire map. This area will include Thornkeep, though the War of Towers will not be included until two weeks after Early Enrollment begins.

Key Features

Several key features will be present during the initial opening of Early Enrollment, while others will be included in time. Elves, Dwarves, and Humans are currently slated as being options for the starting races. There will be economic support functions like storage, auction houses, as well as the ability to exchange goods with other players via the trade function. Encumbrance, Item durability and looting will also be present: items that you currently have equipped will suffer durability loss upon the death of your character, 25% of your inventory items will instantly be destroyed, and the remainder of your inventory will remain with your character's husk upon death, allowing other players to retrieve those items similarly to harvesting at a node.

Threading will not be present at the beginning of Early Enrollment. A few other new functions include a more robust character creation screen, the ability to manage which of your multiple characters will be gaining XP, and a number of back-end functions.