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Male Dwarf

Dwarves are often acknowledged as being the most diligent workers, the most steadfast defenders, and the most brilliant crafters and architects among all of the races of Golarion. With their fierce determination and forlorn countenance, dwarves have made their mark on the face of Golarion, and to a lesser extent the River Kingdoms.


Dwarven history in this land began with the Quest for Sky, wherein the dwarves left their subterranean Darklands home of Nar-Voth to follow a prophecy given to them by their god: search for the surface world. After over 150 years of travel, and despite near-constant fighting along the way with their most hated enemies (goblins and orcs), and among even themselves, the dwarves of Nar-Voth finally reached the surface. Under the leadership of General Taargick, who had declared himself king, the dwarven race established the Sky Citadel.

After millennia of civil war and nation-building, the dwarves have become one of the most common races to be found on the surface of Golarion, and by extension the River Kingdoms.


Dwarves are physically sturdy: weighing much more than their size would suggest, due mostly to their reinforced skeletons and musculature (and maybe slightly because of their love of ale). Standing shorter than humans, they nonetheless often weigh more, occasionally rivalling the weight of Half-Orcs. Dwarves take great pride in their appearance and often grow their hair and beards long; a dwarf's beard is also a great source of honour, and they make a point to festoon their beards with all manner of braids and trophies to symbolize important events and deeds they have accomplished in their lives.


The long-lived dwarves can sometimes seem very reserved and conservative to other races, and some dwarves tend to view other races as weak and even degenerate; however, most dwarves are capable of overcoming these prejudices, especially with companions and friends whom they feel have been battle-tested.

Gems and precious metals tend to fuel the dwarven lust for adventure, and are often the reason for leading them to wander from their famous Sky Citadel.

Dwarves of the River Kingdoms

Dwarven Racial Skill Modifiers:

Gathering Refining Crafting Building Knowledge Ability Combat
Dowser -5 Apothecary +10 Armorsmith +10 Carpenter +10 Survival +10 Bluff -5 Divine Attack Bonus +10
Forester +10 Sage -5 Iconographer +10 Stonemason +10 HandleAnimal -5 Fortitude Defense Bonus +10
Miner +20 Sawyer +10 Weaponsmith +10 Officer -5 Heavy Melee Attack Bonus +10
Scavenger +10 Smelter +20 Perception +10
Tanner +10 Perform -5
Persuasion -5
Seneschal -5
SenseMotive +10