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|+ Interface
|+ Interface
!style="width:30%; text-align:left; padding-left:1em; "|Left Mouse -Click
!style="width:30%; text-align:left; padding-left:1em; "|Left Mouse -Click
|style="width:70%; padding-left=1em;"|Select Target
|style="width:70%; padding-left:1em; "| Select Target
!style="text-align:left;padding-left:1em; "|Right Mouse -Click
!style="text-align:left;padding-left:1em; "|Right Mouse -Click

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The following charts depict the default controls for Pathfinder Online.

Blue Keys are Movement keys
Red Keys are Combat keys
Yellow Keys are Interface keys
Click Either to Enlarge
Keyboard Colour Coded.png
PFO Mouse.png

W Move Forward
A Turn Left
S Move Backward
D Turn Right
Q Strafe Left
E Strafe Right
R Auto Run
X Stealth
Left Mouse -Hold Turn Character
Left & Right Mouse -Hold Move Forward
& Steer Character
Spacebar Jump
Left Shift Toggle Walk
Left Control Toggle Run
Right Mouse Turn Character
Arrow Up Move Forward
Arrow Left Turn Left
Arrow Down Move Backward
Arrow Right Turn Right
` Weapon Swap
1 Attack 1
2 Attack 2
3 Attack 3
4 Attack 4
5 Attack 5
6 Attack 6
7 Refresh Ability 1
8 Refresh Ability 2
9 Utility Ability 1
0 Utility Ability 2
F1 Target Self
F2 Target Party Member 1
F3 Target Party Member 2
F4 Target Party Member 3
F5 Target Party Member 4
F6 Target Party Member 5
Left Mouse -Click Select Target
Right Mouse -Click Interact with Target
Mouse Wheel Zoom Camera In & Out
Enter Begin Chat
F Open Feats Window
C Open Character Window
P Open Paperdoll
I Open Inventory Window
M Open World Map
F10 Open Events Window
F11 Open Achievement Window