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Combat Controls

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Combat Controls Intro

After learning to take their first steps, most players will immediately want to do the next thing on their bucket list-- pick a fight!

To fight effectively, one must have an intimate knowledge of the Combat Controls: In the heat of battle, one mis-key could be the difference between life and death!

Before you can use your Weapons or Implements, you need to know how to Target an enemy: Pressing Tab will target the nearest opponent, and pressing it again will cycle through closest opponents from left to right2 . Alternatively, clicking with the Left Mouse button will also select a Target.

Primary Form attacks, numbers 1 through 3, are generally your standard low cost (Stamina) low damage attacks, whereas your Secondary Form attacks (numbers 4 through 6) are higher damage and higher cost, and often apply detrimental States to your enemies or Beneficial States to you. Expendable abilities, accessed by holding Alt and pressing the appropriate 1 through 6 key, are Role specific, special abilities that cost Stamina and Power that can be used to powerfully affect the outcome of a battle. Find everything you need to know about Attacks in the Combat section.

Lastly, the player has the ability to place the Attack, Expendable, Utility, and Consumable feats on to the Action Bar in the order that they like by dragging the Feat Icon to the preferred slot (see Graphical Interface for more information).

The default combat keys for Pathfinder Online are listed below, and all but a few should be easily accessible with the left hand on the keyboard (remember, these keys can be customized).

Combat Controls
Key(s)1 Action
Click Left Mouse Select Target
Tab Select closest Target and cycle through Targets (left to right2 )
` (sometimes referred to as ~) Switch Weapon Set
Top row number 1 to number 3 Primary Form Weapon Attacks
Top row number 4 to number 6 Secondary Form Weapon Attacks
Top row number 1 to number 6 + hold Alt Expendable Feats
Top row number 7 and number 8 Utility Feats
Top row number 9 and number 0 Consumable items
F1 Target Party Member 1 (your character)
F2 through F6 Target Party Member 2 through 6, respectively

Party Members

The world of Pathfinder Online is a vicious place, and outside city walls (and sometimes even within!) characters will always be in mortal danger, whether from goblins or other players. One common survival tactic is to always bring a friend! Travelling in numbers has other benefits, as well.

To form a party with friends, or use any of the other commands below, first press Enter to place the cursor in the chat box, then type forward slash (/). For character names, spaces, hyphens, and other marks must be included, but the character name need not be capitalized (i.e. Dazyk will work the same as dazyk or dAzYk).

Party Commands
Text Entered Action
/invite Character Name Invite character to join your party (leader only)
/kick Character Name Dismiss character from your party (leader only)
/promote Character Name Promote character to party leader (leader only); a party can only have 1 leader
/leave Leave your current party

Combat Controls Notes

  1. Key(s) indicates 'Top Row Number' because the game system differentiates between the 'Top Row Number Keys' and the 'Right Side Number Keys', which is important to remember when altering Keybinds.
  2. This information is theoretical; more extensive research needs to be performed to confirm the direction of target cycling.