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Female Human Cleric in Soldier's Chainmail

More than just priests, clerics are emissaries of their gods, working divine will through the might and the magic of their deities. Clerics are devout followers of religions and philosophies that inspire them, and they quest to spread the influence of their faith. Although most clerics share similar roles, they are very much as different from each other as the religions and philosophies they serve. Clerics may spread the virtues of good, or the corruption of evil, the justice of law, or the conflict of chaos.

Clerics must be stalwart and capable combatants as they are often on the front line of battle, right in the thick of things. They also have the ability to draw upon the power of their deities to create miracles; effects such as healing, protecting allies, vexing foes, or raising the dead are among their repertoires.

Clerics use a Holy Symbol as their implement. </include>

Cleric Domains

Abadar: Protection, Travel

Asmodeus: Fire, Trickery

Desna: Luck, Travel

Gozreh: Water, Weather

Gorum: Glory, Strength

Iomedae: Glory, Sun

Lamashtu: Strength, Trickery

Norgorber: Charm, Trickery

Sarenrae: Fire, Sun

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