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'''Basic Dagger Strike''' is and [[Attack Feat]].
'''Basic Dagger Strike''' is a [[Attack Feat#Physical Attacks|Physical Attacks Feat]] that is a [[general]] role [[melee]] feat. It has the following iterations.
{{Data/AttackFeats|filter_feat_name=Basic Dagger Strike|format_template=Data/AttackFeats/Detail}}
{{Data/AttackFeats|filter_feat_name=Basic Dagger Strike|format_template=Data/AttackFeats/Detail}}

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Basic Dagger Strike is a Physical Attacks Feat that is a general role melee feat. It has the following iterations.

|} Standard Effects:
Strength +.036
Restriction Effects:
Conditional Effects:
Keyword Progression:
Piercing / Precise / Light / Masterwork / Penetrating / Hasted, Artifact
Simple Weapon Proficiency 1 / Strength 10
Feat Name Role Weapon Category Form Range Damage Factor Stamina Cost Attack Seconds Cooldown Seconds
Basic Dagger Strike General Light Knife Primary Melee 0.81 12 0.9 0.6